Pacific Forum Line Trade Notice: PFL Launches New Shipping Service from Australia to the Pacific Islands

Dear Valued Customers,

Pacific Forum Line (PFL), is pleased to announce a comprehensive service upgrade to help restore supply chains and address congestion and operational challenges at Australian, New Zealand and Fiji ports.

Launching in late April 2023, PFL’s new Australia New Zealand Pacific (ANZPAC) service will provide fixed-day fortnightly sailings with 3 x 1700 TEU vessels operating from the East Coast of Australia to New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, and Tonga.

The service will provide enhanced trade opportunities between Australia and New Zealand and serve as a platform for Pacific Island exports. Designed to improve supply chain reliability across the Pacific and Australian & New Zealand trades, the service has an in-built buffer time – allowing for a more consistent transit time.

While the new ANZPAC service rotation will start with Sydney / Melbourne / Auckland / Suva / Lautoka / Apia / Nukualofa / Tauranga, Brisbane will be added as the first Australian port once port disruption in New Zealand abates.

The return of direct service to and from Australia via the ANZPAC service will allow several other changes to our South Pacific service network.

For PFL, these changes are significant for both Importers and Exporters. A dedicated fortnightly service out of Australia linking directly with the Pacific Islands as well as connections to the following services:

  • New Zealand to Samoa and American Samoa trade will be serviced directly in addition to ANZPAC on a 19-day frequency deploying the Capitaine Magellan and catering to both break-bulk and containerized cargo.
  • New Zealand, French Polynesia and Tonga trade will be serviced with 21-day frequency deploying the Capitaine Kupe Magellan and catering to both break-bulk and containerized cargo.
  • New Zealand to Fiji trade will be serviced with weekly frequency by synchronizing the ANZPAC service with the new Fiji Express service, deploying the Capitaine Baret on a fixed day fortnightly rotation.
  • For cargo ex Asia the revised service network in conjunction with reduced port disruption in Australia and New Zealand will improve connectivity and transit time.

These network changes build on PFL’s commitment to invest in providing more frequent, reliable shipping and supply chain services to the South Pacific.

For further information, please visit or reach out to your Pacific Forum Line representative.



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