Pacific Forum Line Trade Notice: Australian Bio Security Requirements – trade reminder

Dear Valued Customers,

Pacific Forum Line (PFL) wishes to remind all customers that it is the cargo interests responsibility to ensure that all containers (dry and reefer) and break bulk cargo is inspected and presented at origin ports completely free from any forms of contaminants, as this is an imperative requirement to conform with Australian Bio Security directive.

As a standard requirement, cargo presented to PFL at origin must be free of any contaminants be it dirt, vegetation, mud, or any other risk residues at the time of receival.

Upon discharge in Australia any cargo placed on hold for further inspection by Australian Bio Security and all costs associated with complying and rectifying will be for account of cargo interest (shipper or consignees) with PFL not be responsible for these associated costs.

PFL encourages all cargo interests to familiarize themselves with the Australian Bio Security requirements.

Thank you in advance for your continued support and should you have any further points of clarity please do not hesitate to contact your local PFL Customer service team.


Pacific Forum Line Trade Notice: PFL Network Update

Dear Valued Customers,

We are pleased to update you on the following enhancements to our network. These additions are designed to increase connectivity and service frequency to Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti, and Fiji, and provide customers with more options to manage their supply chains from Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

ANZPAC - Further to our trade notice of 13th April, we are pleased to advise the addition of a Brisbane call to the ANZPAC service effective from the Capitaine Tasman voyage 85, ETA Tauranga on the 2nd of June. We are pleased to advise that Pago Pago will be added to the ANZPAC service as a regular port call. The first voyage calling Pago Pago will be the Capitaine Tasman 084N.

Fiji Express – The Capitaine Baret will add a regular port call in Auckland to her rotation, effective from voyage 9N, increasing frequency and improving transit time to and from Fiji.

Samoa & Tonga Trades – The Capitaine Magellan will add a Nuku’alofa northbound call from voyage 30N increasing the frequency of calls and improving the transit time to Tonga. Her revised rotation will be Auckland, Nuku’alofa, Apia, Auckland. She will call Pago Pago on a quarterly basis.

Tahiti Trades – With the addition of the call in Nuku’alofa to the Capitaine Magellan’s rotation the Nuku’alofa call will be removed from the Capitaine Kupe’s rotation effective from voyage 25N, increasing frequency and reducing transit time to and from Tahiti. Her revised rotation will be Auckland, Papeete, Auckland.

Noumea and Vanuatu Trades – The Capitaine Wallis v399 will revise her rotation to call Santo prior to Port Vila to avoid significant delays in Port Vila due to regulatory restrictions in Port Vila aimed at mitigating the spread of the Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle. The Capitaine Wallis also is expected to be delayed in Auckland by approx. 2 days awaiting spare parts.

Inter-Island Trades - Southern Pearl v1516 will adjust her rotation to call Tarawa prior to Wallis and Futuna on this voyage to facilitate removal of hazardous cargo from Wallis and Futuna.

These changes will be effective from this week’s schedule. Thank you for your continued support, should you have any further queries please contact your PFL representative.