Pacific Forum Line Trade Notice: Australian Bio Security Requirements – trade reminder

Dear Valued Customers,

Pacific Forum Line (PFL) wishes to remind all customers that it is the cargo interests responsibility to ensure that all containers (dry and reefer) and break bulk cargo is inspected and presented at origin ports completely free from any forms of contaminants, as this is an imperative requirement to conform with Australian Bio Security directive.

As a standard requirement, cargo presented to PFL at origin must be free of any contaminants be it dirt, vegetation, mud, or any other risk residues at the time of receival.

Upon discharge in Australia any cargo placed on hold for further inspection by Australian Bio Security and all costs associated with complying and rectifying will be for account of cargo interest (shipper or consignees) with PFL not be responsible for these associated costs.

PFL encourages all cargo interests to familiarize themselves with the Australian Bio Security requirements.

Thank you in advance for your continued support and should you have any further points of clarity please do not hesitate to contact your local PFL Customer service team.