PFL Trade Notice: Patrick Stevedore implementing Pondus Weighting Solution

Pacific Forum Line (PFL) have been advised by Patricks Stevedores that they have implemented the Pondus weighing solution in their terminals.

Pondus is an innovative weighing solution that helps drive safety across the container handling sector. Mis-declared containers create potential safety risks throughout the supply chain from transport companies to terminal operators and shipping lines. This new weighing solution, Pondus, helps identify mis-declared weights by statistically sampling containers for weighing and then automatically notifying customers of weight discrepancies (+/- 1t) allowing parties to better meet their Chain of Responsibility obligations.

Both import and export containers will be statistically sampled for weighing on the Pondus stand. Any mis-declared container found to be outside of the 1-tonne tolerance will be charged a Weight Amendment Fee. For import containers, the transport carrier will be charged and for export containers, the shipping line will be charged. For imports, carriers will be advised, via the VBS of the Pondus weight prior to picking up an import container from the terminal and provided with a link to the weigh certification. The number of boxes weighed will be governed by what is reasonably practicable given the operational circumstances prevailing at the time.

Patrick advised customers on 5 November 2020 that a new charge (Weight Amendment Fee) in relation to Pondus would come into effect from 4 January 2021 and has been applied to the Pondus process in Brisbane. This new charge will come into effect from 4 October 2021 in Melbourne.

A Weight Amendment Fee of AUD 230.00 per container plus GST will apply to all containers determined by the Pondus Stand to have a weight variance of greater than +/- one metric tonne within the documented weight (VGM). The Weight Amendment Fee will not apply to importers and exporters who accurately declare container weights.

The below provides a link to the Weight Amendment Fee previously published on Patrick’s website.

In accordance with the Voluntary Pricing Protocol, Patrick is providing a notice of this new charge 60 days prior to the implementation of the new charge. Full details can be viewed here: